Letter to a Friend
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Dear Friend,

    We recognize that within the next month, you will choose leaders to guide America though one of the most telling periods in its history.
    This matters deeply to many of us. You will find many passionate opinions. Part of the reason lies in the dramatic differences between our vision, and the one that drives our opponents.
    And yet we ask you to step back from the rush of events. Ignore the hoopla, the daily poll numbers, and the sound bites. Remember why your opinion matters so much.
    It matters because we will build a safer world and a more hopeful America. We are a nation at war - a global war on terror against an enemy unlike any we have ever known. Terrorists do not just target our lives - they target our way of

life. We believe in an America that is safe and free, and will protect our personal liberties as well as our personal security.
    It matters because a healthy society is one that grows. We face myriad challenges with the economy. We will overcome these obstacles because the entrepreneurial spirit is strong in America.
    Make no mistake-our opponents' plan for our economy is the most radical and dangerous agenda to hit our shores since socialism a century ago. Like socialism, it corrupts the very nature of our democracy and our free enterprise tradition. It is not a plan to grow the American economy. It is a plan to corrupt it.
    A strong society includes a growing middle class, where every American has a chance to work and an opportunity to succeed. Our plan is for the Americans who have shared their dreams