Two Poems
Bruno Anthony
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Compact History Of

The adventure begins, like so much else,
in the garden of the hopelessly na´ve.
Fewer angels than expected have arrived.

Along the way, disturbing incidents:
an appeal to the Holy Office, which
refers the matter to Central Planning.

Let's not be too literal about this.
Thieves in the night behave like squirrels, who
have reasons to doubt our generosity.

And so we go on, treading the big wheel.
Dreams make the warp while the woof has

meant contention between wolfhounds and

Eventually it leads to Management,
cosmetic surgery, and a surfeit
of personal electronics. Selah.

So we go, through someone else's Utopia,
marveling at the dis-and dot-com dogma
so different from the girders of the past.

Enjoy it all, the apple and the fall,
before time packs its tongue in leaves and ash.