Three Poems
Jesseca Cornelson
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Floozy: A Primer

First you gotta forget what mama says.
Put all that old lady shit behind you
and buy yourself a dress that'd break your
    daddy's heart.
Wear it like it's already broken,
like breaking things is your best fun.

Surround yourself with things that break:
bottles, hearts, cars, your singing voice.
Become a connoisseur of bodies.
Taste them for flavors of the lands that grew
This one is leaves under a stream's rock bed.
This one a red-clay gully that swallows
sunsets whole, surprisingly slick.


Collect one night stands. Associate them with new cities: London,
Montreal, Portland, Baton Rouge, Memphis. Navigate by means of beds, landmarks with box springs. Always splurge on fresh flowers, Small oranges, and candles. Live sloppy. Wear expensive shoes With a second-hand dress, And pay for cheeses with the gas bill: gouda, brie, chevre, anything smoked.

Smoke, drink, and smoke.
A hangover is a kind of prayer
As are dirty sheets and day-after kisses.
These are your litanies, they give you grace.