Two Poems
Taylor Graham
Taylor Graham Page 1

The Universe Next Door

Look, there's King David, clear
as life~no, touched
with a lavender haze of distance.
He must have stepped across
on a harp-string
from one plane to another.

You don't believe in another
universe, where the Psalmist king
plucks his harp for a bunch
of business travelers surprised
to wear white robes?

You call this fanciful, mere
imagination? How do you suppose

mankind achieved flight?
Think of Leonardo, his fine-
frenzy invention; and now

we've got 757s.
Was it King David
as if through a membrane-thin wall,
a wireless line~

to one of those guys
on Flight 93
the words of his Psalm,
that caused the plane to crash
right through
to the next universe.