Poetic Thoughts 2
James Bybee
James Bybee Page 1

The spiral staircase was growing lonely.

The oxen ate three rows of radishes.

The architect of future was a wooden match.

A coach rolled on wheels of amethyst.

The solving of the mystery was done in one second.

The sum of the whole was the value of nothing.

The ventriloquist had laryngitis and the dummy sneezed.

The fly flew to Satin on a snowflake.

A golden key opened a plaid door.

The moon flowed through five golden apples.

Thinkers thought they thought themselves silly.

The vase held flowers of destiny.

Strawberry snow fell upon three yellow mountains.

An angel on a boat was smoking furiously.

A lime turned itself into a lemon.

An apple turned itself into a banana.

The stars combined into delicious constellations.

A rose bloomed in the fullness.