Five Poems
James Bybee
James Bybee Page 1

I got my first taste of freedom the day I emerged from prison.

I began life anew, starting from scratch.

My name cleared, I had been found innocent.

I began to travel. I always felt someone was following me.
There was someone following me.
It was the guilty one. The one I went to prison for.
Why are you following me? I asked.
You bring me luck, he replied.

He pulled out a gun.
Why? I asked.

I kicked him in the shin.
He fell to the ground.

I picked up the gun and shot him.
I ran. Threw the gun into the river.
They never caught me.


On a certain hilly landscape
I watched as the sky fell.
I watched as the moon broke.
I saw armies defeat themselves.
I heard bells lose their sound.
I saw rain falling.

On a certain hilly place
I threw myself to the ground.