Zoe Zoyd
John Marvin
John Marvin Page 1
     little fur and pine land
       (after Victor Herbert)

Zoe Zoyd anthropoid dweller
in the cellar of the atmosphere
would appear stellar if she could
she would she would she surely would

and why not let her tell you why
in the form of parabolic infinities
in the shape of things to come
in "petals on a wet, black bough"

resisting "intelligence Almost successfully"
she reveals silently with gesture

elegant posture expressing the grace
of defiance without revolt

telling time with trapezoidal
symmetry fearful framing
tearful blaming arraigning
chaining eventualities

admitting in a word - geophobia
as if the world were not enough
for Zoe Zoyd and as if the apeiron
had to be lost at last at least

John Marvin's work has appeared in such publications as Hotel Amerika, Ilya's Honey, Indefinite Space, Edgz, and New Zoo Poetry Review. His book "Nietzsche and Transmodernism: Art and Science Beyond the Modern