Green Shit

Jhon Sanchez

Jhon Sanchez: Green Shit

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A native of Colombia, Jhon Sanchez immigrated to the United States seventeen years ago, seeking political asylum. Currently a New York attorney, he is a JD/MFA graduate. His publications in 2017 are available in 34thParallelSwamp Ape Review, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, NewfoundGemini Magazine and Midway Journal. His work has been nominated for The Best of the Net 2016 and for a Pushcart Prize in 2015 and 2016. He was also awarded the Newnan Art Rez Program for summer of 2017. He would like to thank Samuel Ferri, Nan Frydland, Martha Hughes, Clark Blaise, Emma Komlos-Hrobsky and Ho Lin for their editorial comments.