Last Kingdom, Lost Kingdom: An Excerpt
Ho Lin
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[Author's Note: The conclusion of the novella "Landfall" was scheduled to run in this issue, but other events intervened -- namely, National Novel Writing Month. (see for more details). Following is an excerpt from the novel. The complete novel, in all its unpolished glory, can be found at]

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IT WAS LATE, VERY LATE. Even in the most advanced city, night still penetrates, and the halogen lamps burn alone, fighting their

losing battles. I couldn't sleep that evening, and the noisemaker was malfunctioning -- it was supposed to be Burney Falls, all forty-plus meters of torrential spray, but the sound was cutting out at random intervals. If I'd had the training, I would have tried to decode these dashes and dots, make some linguistic sense out of the chaos, but no such luck. I was left to stare at the starless ceiling, my teeth grinding with every unanticipated hit of silence.
     Finally my eyes closed, and I was almost there -- my thoughts had wandered toward the question of hats, and which was a better choice, a fedora or deerstalker? An utterly random bit of business, because I had never owned a hat or had a particular desire to. I had enough where-