Johnny in the Jordan
Ben Wilensky
Wilensky Page 1

Before I sleep
I cap the coming day
by shaping words into possibilities.

I operate early in the morning
so it's time to cover up the cage and hood the
silence my dissent.

Excesses and excuses
non-canonical explorations
are dumped into a pot of bubbling plaster
where they harden into stone.

When I'm up and ready for monastic duties
I take an ax and split my skull
then pick on through a mass of chipped rock.

Endings are never secure
but I eagerly engage.

Frequently visuals are overwrought and over
especially when ravens rattattattatt into a dead
    cow's eye.
I simply dig a hole and bury the week's work.

But Lord
so many moments of pure delight
when I'm Johnny in the Jordan
stripped to my skin
mining gold inside the rubble.

Ben Wilensky lives in Rockaway Park, New York.