From At One O'Clock in the Morning

Charles Baudelaire (trans. Ronald F. Sauer)

Charles Baudelaire: At One O'Clock in the Morning

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Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867), the seminal French poet and critic, considered by many the "father of modernism," published his collection of poems Les Fleurs du mal in 1857 and, posthumously, in 1869, a book of prose poems, from which "At One O'Clock in the Morning" is taken: Le Spleen de Paris.

Ronald F. Sauer is "a poet/New Yorker; compulsive talker; teacher; musician; art collector; translator of Baudelaire (and many a great Frog); book, film and art critic. Summa-cum-lauda for Horizontal Angelology (Ph.d, D.D.S, G. Marx University, Oxymoron Divinity School); upstart cosmologist; aficionado of insomniac starlight; a thorn in the side of communists; he is also a haberdasher to the blithely impoverished and presently resides in San Francisco."