Arun Gaur
Gaur Page 1
God came and took the hollow to be good

and created a garden.

He does this always in times of peace
(we inscribed on the rim of a high pedestal vase),
and, when the summerhouse was ready,
the sun kissed the rim of the vase
and filled the summerhouse with golden fishes.

And its five arms spread
like those of the Pentagon
or like the arms of a star-fish.

Then the rare, broad leaves of money-plants came~
their thick stems clung to the baked mud

like skinned and blind caterpillars
or some Moravian worm resting under yellow sand.

Oh the heat of the sun, Oh the heat of the sun!

Fountains from perforations~oozings from the     undergrowth.

Didn't you know that a colonial woman
was placed near the fishpond,
that she broke her hand in an accident,
her hand was amputated, then replaced,
and she carried the pitcher
in her other hand
after that?

That woman would always look at the child