Sheep 2
Eric Obame
Obame Page 1
I have no quarrel with atheists
In fact, I respect their point of view
I only believe in God, or a God, because I want to
My faith is just that
A belief without anything to back it
No solid proof or facts
Just words and faith
I have no quarrel with atheists
For I realized, some years ago,
How groundless was my belief

I cannot prove that I have a soul
But I believe I do
I believe that there is a heaven, and a hell,
Because it somehow makes me feel good
I speak to my version of God
But it is always a one-sided conversation

I never get an answer to any of my questions
My words never attract a response
And if they did, I would be labeled insane
My faith is restrained by my reason
I cannot recreate God in a lab
I cannot predict God's actions
I cannot repeat all of creation
I cannot verify God by science~knowledge~wisdom
And I say God, but it might be Gods
As for thousands of years~tens of thousands of years~
Many humans believed in Gods as diverse in their nature
    as we
Gods to represent the many aspects of our societies
    and us
I have no quarrel with atheists