The Art of Kim Frohsin: A Sensual Darkness
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Kim Frohsin is one of California’s most interesting artists of the figure, a comparatively neglected area of contemporary art and decidedly outside the international mainstream of conceptualism, postmodernism, minimalism, and similar approaches.

The critical and, to a large extent, creative mainstream of contemporary art has shown little interest in the figure (except as a source of caricature and irony) and in such time-honored virtues as skillful draftsmanship and the pleasures of representation, as well as a suspicion of the frank emotionalism associated with the expressionist arm of modernist aesthetics, outside the occasional nod to a Francis Bacon, a Chuck Close, or a Lucien Freud.

Nevertheless, to our benefit, these interests and impulses lie at the heart of Kim Frohsin's art.

Frohsin was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and in 1985 entered the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Her first school major was in illustration, but, on the encouragement of the late Barbara Bradley, a highly recognized illustrator and instructor and the department's chair, Kim shifted her focus and entered the fine arts department in 1986, graduating the following year with a BFA.