Telephone Booths
Candace Kaucher
Kaucher Page 1
Artist Statement: These digital photos are from a larger series of digital photos of 14 different phone booths in eastern PA. They were taken to document a passing phase in communication technology, and to capture something of the flavor of society when devices were stationary, associated with place, and distance between places. Paradoxically enough they speak to a rootedness that they were instrumental in supplanting. Anthropologically speaking, what is fading says as much about us as what is emerging. At times when I was taking these photos it almost seemed as if I could pick up the phone and talk to someone from the past, summon the ancestors. I kept them black & white because it seemed fitting.

Candace Kaucher is a visual artist, poet and musical experimentalist from Pennsylvania. She works in traditional 2D mediums, does found object sculpture, takes photos, and "does anything else she comes up with."

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