Bernard Page 5

of you.
Not just any death
you think as thought vanishes, you, the world;
the death that was born for you.

Nomad of Love

When I first saw you,
delight sifted down
like snow in a valley,
like sand in a glass,
and the clock turned back a century,
and for "you" I thought "thou,"
and for "you" I thought "thee."

And the desert burned
past the kitchen door,
and I drifted afar
on the rug of a dream,

and the trail of the sun
vanished - the law
of time was suspended
before this intense pull
toward thee: hawaa.

My heart was troubled,
it flamed and it danced
with less joy than fear,
and my dry, parched tongue
could sing nothing, nor speak.
At the core of my chest
was a cough and a laugh,
and a yearning, oh burning
of the heart: sha'af .

My mind grew distracted,
it could think nothing else,
it could hear nothing else,