"Windows R" and "Windows"

Rita Piffer and Eda Goksel

Windows W



Eda Goksel and Rita Piffer are independent filmmakers collaborating on a short movie trilogy that examines cultural constructs related to the “feminine” world. The different backgrounds of the directors create a fresh combination of perspectives.

Eda Goksel is from Turkey, where she earned a BA in Fine Arts and Design, developing her interest in time-based media while creating a video installation featured in various galleries in Istanbul. Residing in the Bay Area for over eight years, she currently works as a graphic designer and still photographer, and the combination of these disciplines leads her to develop predominantly visually driven narratives.

A Brazilian expatriate, Rita Piffer went to Journalism School in her native country, where she started exploring the poetics of cinema as a documentary filmmaker. After moving to San Francisco in 2006, she started developing a more personal and experimental approach to filmmaking. "Norma's Fall" is her last short and combines live action with stop-motion techniques in a dream-oriented narrative. This short was awarded for Best Production Design at San Francisco City Shorts 2010. She is in the process finalizing another short, “Clarice’s Cups,” and pursuing an MFA in Cinema at San Francisco State University.

The first short of the trilogy is "Windows W," and it won the Best Experimental Film category at San Francisco City Shorts 2009. “Windows” is based on the same footage and script as “Windows W”; “Windows” was edited by Goksel, “Windows W” by Piffer.