Caveat Lector Editors

Wunderkabinett: Caveat Lector editors

Our picks for scintillating sites on the Web:

15 Bizarre Buildings - A fresh change in perspective.

20er and 30er - A tribute to Parov Stelar.

Arthur Lipsett: Very Nice, Very Nice - Stanley Kubrick: "One of the most imaginative and brilliant uses of the movie screen and soundtrack that I have ever seen."

Asymptote - Features an eclectic mix of translated literature from around the world.

Juked - Online magazine with a plethora of stimulating prose and poetry.

Chris Marker - Short documentary about the recently deceased director of "La Jette" and "Sans Soleil."

Museum of Bad Art - The best car crashes, figuratively speaking.

My Delinated Life - One of the most gorgeous websites in our experience.